Rabbitfish: a candidate for aquaculture in the Pacific?(March 2009)
Thursday, 25 June 2009 00:00

By Antoine Teitelbaum, Tap Prior, Frank Legarrec, Cletus Oengpepa and Patrick Mesia


Worldwide, rabbitfish species have long been identified as appropriate candidates for aquaculture. For example, Siganus canaliculatus, S. guttatus, S. virgatus, S. spinus, S. punctatus, S. fuscescens and S. javus in Malaysia and Philippines (Pacoli 1983; Von Wersternhagen and Rosenthal, 1976) and Indonesia, S. canaliculatus on the east coast of Africa (Bwathondi, 1982), S. rivulatus in the Middle East and Mediterranean region (Cagiltay 2003) and finally S. randalli, S. lineatus and S. fuscescens in the Pacific region (Brown et al. 1994; Rechellul pers. comm., Legarrec pers. comm.).

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