South Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP)

  • Aquaculture interests:
    SPREP is the regional focal point for the Convention of Biological Diversity (CDB) and has programmes which overlap aquaculture in terms of environmental impact assessments, biodiversity, biosafety and coastal management
  • About the organisation:
    The ratification of the SPREP Agreement in 1995 marked SPREP's formal establishment. This Agreement established SPREP as an independent inter governmental organisation to promote cooperation in the South Pacific region and to provide assistance to protect and improve its environment and to ensure sustainable development for present and future generations. SPREP's mandate is somewhat unique as it oversees all sectoral issues, including mining, agriculture, forestry and marine.

    The SPREP Action Plan for Managing the Environment of the South Pacific Region set out it objectives and strategies and provides a framework for a regional approach to address environmental issues of the South Pacific region. The action plan include the following strategies:
    · coordinating regional activities addressing the environment;
    · monitoring and assessing the state of the environment in the region including the impacts of human activities on the ecosystems of the region and encouraging development undertaken to be directed towards maintaining or enhancing environmental qualities;
    · promoting and developing programmes, including research programmes, to protect the atmosphere and terrestrial, freshwater, coastal and marine ecosystems and species, while ensuring ecological sustainable utilisation of resources;
    · reducing, through prevention and management, atmospheric, land based, freshwater and marine pollution, strengthening national and regional capabilities and institutional arrangements;
    · increasing and improving training, educational and public awareness activities;
    · promoting integrated legal, planning and management mechanisms.

    SPREP develops and implements a regionally coordinated and comprehensive range of activities under the following programmes:
    · Bio-diversity and Natural Resources Conservation;
    · Climate Change and Integrated Coastal Management;
    · Waste management, Pollution Prevention and Emergencies;
    · Environmental Management, Planning and Institutional Strengthening;
    · Environmental Education, Information and Training.

    · The programmes are inter related. The design of activities acknowledges and complements other activities under the action plan. In implementing the marine sector related issues of the action plan, SPREP relies on existing regional institutional resources and expertise as much as possible.
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      South Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) P.O Box 240 Apia Samoa
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      (+685) 21929
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      (+685) 20231
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    • Aquaculture Contact
      Ms. Mary Power