University of the South Pacific (USP), Marine Studies Programme

  • Aquaculture interests:
    USP is the leading education and training institution in the region. The USP curriculum includes a third-year aquaculture module and supports post graduate aquaculture research. It also conducts vocational training in aquaculture.
  • About the organisation:
    The University of the South Pacific's involvement in the marine sector is through its Marine Studies Programme (MSP). This is supplemented through its cooperative projects with regional organisations such as FFA and SOPAC. Its educational role is unique in that it provides a world-class training curriculum in tropical marine studies.

    The mission of the USP MSP is to:
    · Provide the necessary opportunities for Pacific Islanders to understand, conserve, develop, manage and utilise their living and non-living resources in a rapidly changing world;
    · Provide Pacific Islanders with the widest possible range of opportunities for research, education, training and employment in the marine sector; and
    · Provide for improved collaboration between the USP, island nations, regional and international bodies in their common goals in the marine sector.

    The following are administered through the MSP:
    · Marine Affairs Programme, previously known as the Ocean Resources Management Programme;
    · Institute of Marine Resources (IMR) located in Honiara, Solomon Islands;
    · Atoll Research Programme (previously the Atoll Research and Development Unit), located in Tarawa, Kiribati;
    · Dravuni Island Field Station;
    · Pacific Islands Marine Resources Information System (PIMRIS);
    · The International Ocean Institute, Operational Centre for the Pacific Islands.

    The MSP has established regional links through the university's network of campuses and centres throughout the South Pacific. It also has a strong international network focusing on training in the ocean sector. For example, the International Ocean Institute (IOI) located at USP is part of the MSP and provides links with the IOI headquarters in Malta as well as other operational centres in other countries.
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      University of the South Pacific, Marine Studies Programme P.O Box 1168 Suva Fiji Islands
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      (+679) 313900
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      (+679) 301490
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    • Aquaculture Contact
      Dr Tim Pickering