Centre of Excellence in New Caledonia


newcaledonia_IFREMER-stVincent_sSaint Vincent Bay station is the main aquaculture research facility in New Caledonia. The station is managed by ADECAL and IFREMER and is focussed on supporting the prawn industry. Research programs on prawn physiology, genetics, pathology and pond dynamics are being conducted. 30 staff (11 researchers).



IFREMER Département Aquaculture en Calédonie - (Unité de Koné-Foué)
Laboratory for microbiology analysis, setting up a database linked to the private sector, small scale aquaculture facilities. 5 staff (4 researchers).

WorldFish Center

ncaledonia_wfc_b1The WorldFish Center maintains a research facility which is targetting studies on larval rearing and stock management of sea cucumber. World fish also undertakes growth and survival trials of sand fish in prawn ponds.

Université de Nouvelle Calédonie

Laboratoire d' Etudes des Ressources Vivantes et de l'Environnement.

The experimental rabbit fish hatchery was initiated in partnership with the University.