Centre of Excellence in Palau

Palau Mariculture Demonstration Center (PMDC)

palau_pmdc_b1The PMDC was formerly known as the Micronesian Mariculture Development Center (MMDC). It was established in the early 1970s by the Trust Territory government and at the time was funded wholly from external funds.

The centre became well known for its pioneering work on the culture of giant clams. Presently the species cultured includes Tridacna crocea, T. derasa, T. gigas, T. maxima, T. squamosa, Hippopus hippopos and H. porcellanus. Most of the giant clam seedlings are distributed to state governments for reseeding programmes. Some clams are exported to Saipan and Guam for the sashimi trade. Juvenile clams are also puchased by a local private company for export to the aquarium trade.

The PMDC fish hatchery has succeeded in rearing wrasse and grouper (Plectropomus spp. and Epinephalus spp.). These fish are highly valued in the live reef fish trade markets in Asia.

Bealau Aquaculture

palau_aquariumfish_b1Belau Aquaculture is a locally owned company that exports corals, clams and fish for the aquarium trade. Clams are purchased from PMDC while most of the ornamental fish and are caught from the wild. The company cultures soft corals for the trade. The industry has contributed significantly to the economy and has been in operation for five years.