Centre of Excellence in Samoa

Fisheries Division, MAFFM

samoa_raceways_b1The Division operates two hatcheries, one for tilapia and the other for giant clam seed propagation. The tilapia hatchery utilises simple propagation techniques and targets production for distribution.

The Toloa Giant Clam Hatchery situated on the northwest of Upolu was established under the Australian aid funded Samoa Fisheries Project. The facility propagates local stocks of Tridacana maxima and T. squamosa and introduced species of Hippopus and Tridacna. The facility includes raceways, larval room, dry lab, office and pump house.

Mari Search

Mari Search is a small locally owned hatchery propagating giant clams for the ornamental aquarium trade. It is situated on the southern side of Upolu. Mainly Tridacna squamosa,

T. maxima

and T. derasa are produced for the trade. Activities range from hatchery propagation and management to establishment of community farms for commercial purposes, development of ornamental products, market trials and exports. The facility has six concrete raceways, electric pumps, larval house, dry lab and training facilities. The ocean nursery is well protected with buoys, netting and markers.