Centre of Excellence in Cook islands

Tongareva Marine Research Center (TMRC)

tmrc_b1TMRC is on Penrhyn Atoll, also known as Tongareva. TMRC began as a joint Cook Island Government and USAID project (1991-1994). Staff from the Ministry of Marine Resources operate the centre, which has its own power and water systems.

It has a two, three and four bedroom residence. TMRC maintains a semi-commercial pearl oyster hatchery that operates an algal culture laboratory, raceways, scuba diving facilities and offices.

Araura Marine Research Station (AMRS)

aitutaki_b1AMRS is located on Aitutaki Atoll. It was originally established as a giant clam hatchery under an ACIAR project in 1991. The station cultures introduced Tridacna gigas, T. derasa and Hippopus Hippopus and indigenous stocks of T. maxima and T. Squamosa. The station has a wet-laboratory, office/residence complex, a manager`s residence, scuba diving facilities.

Manihiki Lagoon Ecology Laboratory

manihiki_lab_b1The Manihiki laboratory was set up in 1994 with funding assistance from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) as a field station to assist lagoon monitoring of the pearl farming industry. It operates basic lagoon monitoring equipment and scuba diving facilities and the pearl farm geological information system (GIS). The laboratory is operated by Ministry of Marine Resources staff who provide advice to the Manihiki Island Council on farm management measures.