Centre of Excellence in Fiji islands

Naduruloulou Freshwater Research Station, Ministry of Fisheries and Forests

naduruloulou_close_b1Established in 1975 to promote freshwater aquaculture development in Fiji. In its early stages, the station was a central focus for grass carp development followed by tilapia. Current programmes include Tilapia project highlighting improvement of genetics of tilapia, feed formulation, culture technology and extension services.

Other programmes; Polyculture of grass carp, bighead carp, silver carp and silver barb. An ornamental fish project for propagation and supply of goldfish and koi to local operators concurrent with risk assessment protocols relating to live fish imports and exports. Integrated aquaculture-agriculture farming systems such as the Montfort Boystown integrated farm which combines livestock farming of sheep, poultry and pigs with aquaculture practices such as tilapia and koi.

Makogai Island Marine Research Station, Ministry of Fisheries and Forests

Makogai_b1Makogai Island Marine Research Station is administered by the Fisheries Division. The main focus of the station is applied mariculture research with particular emphasis on giant clam.

University of the South Pacific - Marine Studies Programme

usp_bThe Marine Studies Programme was recently established to provide tertiary training for people of the Pacific region in various disciplines related to the marine environment. The programme recenetly set up an aquaculture component in its range of study subjects from undergraduate to post-graduate level.

Institute of Marine Resources, University of the South Pacific

The institute aims to be a leading research facility in the Pacific on the culture of economically important marine species, coastal zone management, harvest and post-harvest, environmental impact assessment and consultancies related to the marine environment.

Montfort Boystown - Integrated Farming Systems

coe_monfort_bThe Montfort Boystown, a Catholic administered technical school, established an integrated farm in 1989 in close collaboration with the Fisheries Division. Initial trials of prawn and tilapia culture were carried out in phase I in collaboration with Fisheries Division. Success led to the integrated farming of tilapia, carps, prawns, ducks, sheeps, goats, chicken and others.

Additional ponds were constructed and equipment was acquired in phase II increasing production and trials on shrimp farming were conducted and proved successful. In the late 1990s, the United Nations initiated the ZERO EMISSION project, unfortunately no are results available. The school currently utilises products from the integrated farm such as tilapia, carps, chicken, ducks, sheep, taro, bananas, rourou, and other vegetables. Mudcrab grow-out trials are also underway. Gold fish and koi have also been introduced.

Walt Smith International (Fiji) Ltd

One of the worlds leading suppliers of marine aquarium products. The Pacific headquarters are based in Fiji complete with holding systems to await transhipment.