Centre of Excellence in French polynesia


IFREMERvairao_sIfremer is a French government organisation established in French Polynesia since 1970. His aim was to contribute to the development of cultivated tropical marine resources. Ifremer centre (Centre Océanologique du Pacifique) is located at Vairao in Tahiti island.

It has performed applied research on most of the potential aquaculture species in French Polynesia : shrimps, fin fishes, molluscs (mainly pearl oyster).

Historically, a lot of research work has been done on shrimp farming. At present most of the shrimp research facilities has been transferred in New Caledonia. However the Tahiti centre still maintains broodstock strain conservation of Litopenaeus stylirostris, expertise and R&D activities in collaboration with Service de la Pêche, the local aquaculture agency.

The Centre also develops R&D activities on local finfish hatchery and rearing techniques in collaboration with SPE who has initiated and developed a project on Platax orbicularis and Polydactylus sexfilis.

Ifremer has also a strong expertise in aquaculture pathology and the centre has developed a modern technological platform in partnership with SPE and the local department in charge of pearl oyster culture (PRL).

Le Centre de la Mer

To assist in the harmonious and sustainable development of aquaculture in French Polynesia, the general sector support strategy has been redeveloped around the following activities:


- Ensure reliability in shrimp post-larvae, juvenile fish and clam spat supply
- Introduce of demonstration farms
- Transfer tested farming techniques to professionals
- Introduce farming trials on new species
- Provide technical advice to professionals
- Provide suitable aquacultural training arrangements
- Develop restocking of lagoons within Marine Regulated Areas (AMR) and Regulated Fishing Areas (ZPR) in conjunction with communities, professionals and local elected members
- Provide regulatory support for the aquacultural sector
- Develop juvenile production techniques in conjunction with scientific agencies
- Assist with sustainable management of the activity (environmental, genetic, animal health and quality aspects)
Centre_de_la_mer_sThis strategy will be introduced by the Fisheries Service, now strengthened by a new unit, the Ocean Unit, currently being developed.

This unit will offer services to professionals in the support and production areas. It will also work with the research bodies active in this field and in close conjunction with the Fisheries Service.

The Fisheries Service will retain full responsibility over supervision (regulations, aid to professionals, statistical monitoring), design and implementation of research programmes and health and environmental monitoring in the sector.

Le Centre des Métiers de la Nacre et de la Perliculture

Le Centre des Métiers de la Nacre et de la Perliculture (CMNP) is a professional trainnig Center dedicated to pearl farming. Thsi training center belongs to the 'Service de la Perliculture'. The Center is based in Rangiroa atolls in teh Tuamotu group.

It's mission is to train people on all the duties related to pearl farming including spat collection, Shell grafting, SCUBA diving, management, biology or pearl marketing.