Centre of Excellence in Kiribati

Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources Development (MFMRD), Fisheries Division

The Fisheries Division is the main agency behind aquaculture development in Kiribati. Introduction of several species has contributed to the economy of Kiribati, in particular seaweed. The division identifies aquaculture livelihood oppertunities, as land development is limited. Research projects currently in focus are brine shrimp, pearl oyster and sea cucumbers.

Ministry of Fisheries Pearl Oyster Hatchery

kiribati_pearlhatchery_b1The Fisheries Division operates a pearl oyster hatchery under the Black Pearl Project jointly sponsored by the government and the Australian Center for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR). The implementing agent on behalf of ACIAR is the James Cook University, Australia.


Ministry of Fisheries Sea Cucumber Hatchery

Fisheries operates a Japanese funded hatchery which has produced white teatfish seacucumber (Holothuria fuscogilva).

Atoll Seaweed Company Ltd

kiribati_seaweed_b1The Atoll Seaweed Company (ATS) is the private arm of government responsible for overseeing research, production and trade in seaweed in Kiribati.