Centre of Excellence in Marshall islands

Robert Reimers Enterprises (RRE)


RRE Wau mariculture farm

The Wau Mariculture Farm operation, an extension of the Robert Reimers Enterprise, is located in Majuro atoll. The company is focused on culturing marine ornamental species for export to the aquarium trade. The primary product is giant clam, particularly colourful Tridacna maxima, but also including Tridacna squamosa and Tridacna crocea species. Other cultured ornamental species include corals and fish including an endemic species of clown fish.


RRE black pearl farm

The RRE black pearl farm was the fist Marshall Islands private sector company to produce cultured black pearls. Currently it has two farms operating on Arno and Jaluit atolls. The company is seeking investment/joint-venture partners to maximise technology and financial bases.

Mid-Pacific Pearls & Black Pearls of Hawaii (joint venture)

This operation is one of the early pioneers which introduced the modern pearl culture industry to the Marshall Islands. The company operates a black pearl farm on Majuro atoll.

College of Marshall Islands. Marshall Islands Science Station (MISS) aquaculture facility

marshalls_miss1_b1The MISS aquaculture facility is located on Majuro atoll. The station has a basic hatchery and raceway system. In the past sea cucumber trials were conducted at the facility. Attention is currently focused on developing commercial techniques for producing pearl oyster spats for the black pearl industry.