Tahiti Aquaculture 2010, December 6-11, 2010. Register now!
Tuesday, 22 June 2010 10:56
All those involved in tropical island aquaculture, e.g. professionals, scientists, developers, are invited to take part in the “Tahiti Aquaculture 2010” seminar and workshop, whose main theme will be “Sustainable Aquaculture on Tropical Islands”.

The Tahiti Aquaculture 2010 seminar and workshop is a follow-up to two events that were important for tropical island aquaculture:

- The second meeting on aquaculture in the French overseas departments and territories, which the Union des Aquaculteurs de l’Outre-Mer (French Overseas Aquaculturalists Union -UAOM) held in Mamoudzou, Mayotte in December 2008;

- The first Pacific-Asia Marine Fish Mariculture Technical Workshop hosted by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) in Noumea, New Caledonia in December 2007.

In addition to providing updates on the aquaculture sector in each of the invited countries and territories, the Tahiti Aquaculture 2010 seminar and workshop will be an opportunity to:

- talk about the progress made in the aquaculture sector in tropical island settings;

- compare experiences and know-how in tropical island aquaculture;

- facilitate a gathering of aquaculturists, aquaculture specialists and consultants, legal experts, reef environment officials and human and aquatic health specialists and officials;

- encourage discussions by all these stakeholders on the issue of aquaculture on tropical islands, most specifically the main difficulties, e.g. transport, costs, and the main comparative advantages, e.g. the environment and aquatic health, so as to propose strategies and solutions for well-adapted, integrated and collaborative development, within the scope of improvement of the industry in the world.

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