Tuesday, 16 September 2008 07:30
Numerous aquaculture commodities have been trialled in the Pacific Islands, particularly by government. Often resources are spread thinly as countries try to investigate the many options for development.

In July 2001 at the 2nd SPC Heads of Fisheries Meeting in New Caledonia the country representatives requested that the SPC to adopt on behalf of its member countries a commodity based strategy whereby it would prioritise its assistance to those commodities with the most potential to deliver.

Therefore in March 2002 at the 1st SPC Aquaculture Meeting in Fiji Islands, various stakeholders from amongst the region were asked to identify priority commodities for regional development. Amongst some countries there may be other commodities that are a priority, but the following is a shortlist from a regional perspective.

The regional priority commodities were corals, giant clams, milkfish, pearls, sea cucumber, seaweed, macrobrachium shrimp and tilapia. There are also other commodities in the region which are of interest.