Marine finfish

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Species and uses: Some of the marine food fish that are of major commercial importance in the Pacific include: groupers (Cromileptes altivelis), rabbitfish (Siganus lineatus), barramundi (Lates calcarifer), batfish (Platax orbicularis), threadfin salmon (Polydactylus spp.), snappers (Lutjanus sp.), amberjack (Seriola sp.) and cobia (Rachycentron canadum). These and some other finfish are currently being, or have been, trialled for commercial farming in the Pacific Islands region. In most cases, marine food fish are farmed for local markets although high-value export markets could also be a feasible alternative.

Most tropical food fish have higher growth rates than temperate fish species, reaching commercial size much faster. There is a growing demand for marine food fish in all Pacific Island countries, and the supply usually does not meet this demand. There are a number of suitable sites for marine finfish culture in the Pacific, and broodstock is locally available in most countries. Some species of food fish have considerable traditional customary values associated with them. Marine finfish is a highly prized commodity in most domestic markets in the Pacific.