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Sandfish are distributed widely in the tropical and subtropical areas of the Indo-Pacific region between latitudes 30°N and 30°S.

It is a widespread Indo-Pacific species.

It occurs in Asia, Australia and Africa in the Indian Ocean.

Its range extends from the east coast of Africa and the Red Sea, eastward to the Caroline Islands and Tonga in the Pacific, and from the Amami Islands (southern Japan) southward to New Caledonia.

Its habitat is characterised by muddy sands in seagrass beds near mangroves, along the tidal flats of coastal waters. The sandfish burrows in the soft sand and mud without attaching itself to hard substrates (e.g. coral rock or stone), unlike other sea cucumbers, such as the black teatfish (H. whitmaei) or the greenfish (Stichopus chloronotus).

Average body size, wet weight and body wall thickness are roughly 30 cm, 1 kg and 1 cm respectively.