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Authors: Jacques Trichereau

Title: Analyse du potentiel de développement de l'aquaculture a Wallis et Futuna

Source: SPC & IDEE Aquaculture

Date : 2009

Keywords: Wallis et Futuna, Aquaculture

Abstract: Wallis and Futuna had requested assistance in how to develop aquaculture activities in the territory. The objective of this study is to identify sites, select a panel of species suitable for aquaculture, propose production models that would fit in the socio economic context of Wallis and Futuna and explore regional collaboration options.


Authors : Evans N., J. Raj and D. Williams

Title : Review of Aquaculture Policy and Legislation in the Pacific Island Region
Source : SPC Aquaculture Technical Papers
Date : 01/06/03
Keywords : legislation, policy
Abstract : This report analyses the current legal framework for aquaculture in 21 countries and territories in the Pacific region, and distils from this analysis a number of considerations with both general and specific application. The report includes a description of the future activities that should be included in designing country-specific legislation and regional policy approaches. Appended to the document is a compendium of relevant aquaculture statutes.

Authors: Steve Lindsay

Title: Environmental Impact Assessment Cultivation of Corals - Kosrae, FSM

Source: SPC

Date : January 2007

Keywords: EIA, Coral Cultivation, FSM

Abstract: This Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has been commissioned by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) on behalf of the Micronesia Management & Marketing Enterprises (MMME) for the Kosrae State Government (KSG) to assess the environmental impacts associated with the development of a commercial hard and soft coral aquaculture operation. The EIA has been designed to meet the environmental legislative requirements of the State of Kosrae as well as provide a template for SPC to assist other commercial operations within the Pacific member states associated with this regional agency.

Authors : William J. FitzGerald, Jr.
Title : Milkfish Aquaculture in the Pacific: Potential for the Longline Fishery Bait Market
Source : SPC
Date : April 2004
Keywords : Milkfish
Abstract : This publication undertakes a review of the status of milkfish farming in the Pacific and an analysis of the potential scope for milkfish aquaculture to provide baitfish for the tuna fishing industry.
Authors : Lagibalavu, M.
Title : A Study of the Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific (NACA) and its Application to Pacific Island Countries and Territories
Source : SPC
Date : 01/04/02
Keywords : aquaculture;strategy;asia;NACA
Abstract : In this study, Maciu Lagibalavu presents a review of the eventual cost and benefits of NACA membership to SPC and its member countries and territories, and identifies the relevant lessons of the NACA model for developing a Pacific aquaculture network.
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