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Authors : J. Richard Arthur, David Hurwood, Edward R. Lovell, Melba G. Bondad-Reantaso, Peter B. Mather
Title : Pathogen and Ecological Risk Analysis for the Introduction of Giant River Prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii,
Source : SPC
Date : August 2004
Keywords : Macrobrachium rosenbergii ; Pathogen ; Risk
Abstract : This report covers the result of the Import Risk Assessment (IRA) for the proposed introduction of the giant river prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) from Fiji to the Cook Islands. This risk assesment has been developed to serve as a model for consideration of other such translocations for countries in the Pacific region.
Authors : Melba G. Bondad-Reantaso , Edward R. Lovell ,
Title : Pathogen and Ecological Risk Analysis for the Introduction of Blue Shrimp, Litopenaeus stylirostris,
Source : SPC
Date : 2005
Keywords : Litopenaeus stylirostris ; Brunei Darussalam Pathogen and Ecological Risk Analysis

Authors: Steve Lindsay

Title: Environmental Impact Assessment Cultivation of Corals - Kosrae, FSM

Source: SPC

Date : January 2007

Keywords: EIA, Coral Cultivation, FSM

Abstract: This Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has been commissioned by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) on behalf of the Micronesia Management & Marketing Enterprises (MMME) for the Kosrae State Government (KSG) to assess the environmental impacts associated with the development of a commercial hard and soft coral aquaculture operation. The EIA has been designed to meet the environmental legislative requirements of the State of Kosrae as well as provide a template for SPC to assist other commercial operations within the Pacific member states associated with this regional agency.

Title: Socio-economic Dimensions of Seaweed Farming in Solomon Islands

Author: M.Kronen

Source: SPC/FAO

Keywords:  Seaweed farming, socio-economics, Solomon islands

Abstract : The major objective of this study is to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the socio-economic dimensions of seaweed farming in the Solomon Islands as part of a global review of the social and economic dimensions of seaweed aquaculture. Due to the available time and financial budget provided, the Wagina seaweed farming community, one of the four major seaweed production areas in the Solomon Islands, was selected for carrying out an in-depth field survey. The selection was made in close cooperation with the Aquaculture Division of the Solomon Island’s Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR).


Authors: Jacques Trichereau

Title: Analyse du potentiel de développement de l'aquaculture a Wallis et Futuna

Source: SPC & IDEE Aquaculture

Date : 2009

Keywords: Wallis et Futuna, Aquaculture

Abstract: Wallis and Futuna had requested assistance in how to develop aquaculture activities in the territory. The objective of this study is to identify sites, select a panel of species suitable for aquaculture, propose production models that would fit in the socio economic context of Wallis and Futuna and explore regional collaboration options.


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