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Authors : Lagibalavu, M.
Title : A Study of the Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific (NACA) and its Application to Pacific Island Countries and Territories
Source : SPC
Date : 01/04/02
Keywords : aquaculture;strategy;asia;NACA
Abstract : In this study, Maciu Lagibalavu presents a review of the eventual cost and benefits of NACA membership to SPC and its member countries and territories, and identifies the relevant lessons of the NACA model for developing a Pacific aquaculture network.

Authors : Evans N., J. Raj and D. Williams

Title : Review of Aquaculture Policy and Legislation in the Pacific Island Region
Source : SPC Aquaculture Technical Papers
Date : 01/06/03
Keywords : legislation, policy
Abstract : This report analyses the current legal framework for aquaculture in 21 countries and territories in the Pacific region, and distils from this analysis a number of considerations with both general and specific application. The report includes a description of the future activities that should be included in designing country-specific legislation and regional policy approaches. Appended to the document is a compendium of relevant aquaculture statutes.

Authors : S.R. Lindsay ; E. Ledua ; J. Stanley
Title : Regional assessment of the commercial viability for marine ornamental aquaculture within the Pacific Islands
Source : SPC
Date : January 2004
Keywords : marine ornamental
Abstract : This report provides a regional overview of the status of the marine ornamental trade and an assessment of the role for aquaculture. It has a detailed profile of statistics and contacts for those countries which have been active in the ornamental trade.

Authors:  Nadia Chagnaud

Title: Potential application of GIS tools in strategic planning for freshwater aquaculture in SPC countries

Source: SPC

Date: March 2008

Keywords: Geographic information system (GIS), aquaculture development

Abstract: The objective of this project was to assess the capabilities of a geographic information system (GIS) to provide relevant information to plan for aquaculture development in Pacific Island countries. The power of such a tool results from its capacity to combine different spatial (i.e. geographically coordinated) data to produce comprehensive and integrated information that can be easily analysed and visualised.
hambrey_maricultureAuthors : this report and the accompanying five country reports were prepared by John Hambrey (Hambrey Consulting), Hugh Govan and Crick Carleton (Nautilus Consultants).
Title : Opportunities for the development of the Pacific islands’ mariculture sector:
Source : SPC
Date : 2012
Keywords : SPC, mariculture, assessment, economic
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