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Authors: Antoine Teitelbaum

Title: Kiribati pearl oyster products jewelry making workshop report

Source: SPC

Date : June 2007

Keywords: pearl farming development, jewelery workshop

Abstract: It was proposed that pearl pieces accumulated through past project activities will be utilized in a one week long jewelry workshop supported by funds provided under the ACIAR Kiribati Black Pearl project. SPC and JCU organized this workshop along with local Kiribati counterparts from the MFMRD

Authors: Antoine Teitelbaum

Title: 1st SPC Marine Finfish Hatchery Training

Source: SPC

Date: 2007

Keywords: Fish Hatchery, grouper, Thailand

Abstract: This is the report of the grouper hatchery training coursed organized by the SPC aquaculture section in Thailand. The report mostly focuses on practices that are used to spawn and rear E.fuscoguttatus. It also describes the practices that were demonstrated in nurseries and grow out sites and the aquaculture facilities that were visited

Authors : Anonymous
Title : SPC-HOF Guidelines for the Introduction and Translocation of Aquatic Organisms for Aquaculture and Culture-Based Fisheries
Source : SPC
Date : 2003
Keywords : Guideline ; translocation ; aquatic Organism





Authors : R. Sulu ; L. Kumar ; C. Hay ; T. Pickering
Title : Kappaphycus seaweed in the Pacific: Review of introductions and field testing proposed quarantine protocols
Source : SPC
Date : November 2003
Keywords : Kappaphycus ; seaweed
Abstract : This report is a: (1) literature review of the introductions of the seaweed Kappaphycus alvarezii to the Pacific Island Countries and the curent state of seaweed farming in these countries and, (2) the results of a field-test of a proposed quarantine protocol for introducing K. alvarezii to new locations.

Authors: Bill Johnston and Tim Pickering

Title: The economics of aquaculture in comparison with other rural development opportunities in Pacific islands

Source: USP Marine Studies Technical Report 2003/07

Date : October 2003

Keywords: Economic models, aquaculture developpement

Abstract: Economic decision tools aim to assist farmers and potential investors understand the economic requirements, costs and benefits, and risks involved in production. Existing and future farmers can develop farm models based upon experience and apply it to decision-making and management.

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