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Title: Sustainable Aquaculture on Tropical Islands –TAHITI AQUACULTURE 2010

Author: Annon

Source: SPC

Keywords:  Aquaculture, Conference, Tahiti 2010

Abstract : This is the leaflet for the Tahiti Aquaculture 2010 seminar and workshop. Please download it to acquire information about the event. More information can be found at

Authors: Antoine Teitelbaum, Jeffrey Kinch, Ben Ponia, Eric Clua

Source: SPC

Keywords: Cultured marine ornamentals, Pacific region

Abstract : There are concerns that extractive wild-capture practices might cause damages to marine environments. Evidence suggests that coral reef resources are, to some extent, resilient and that the trade can be managed sustainably, allowing it to contribute greatly to community livelihoods and revenue for governments. In the past few years, with the attractiveness of cultured products, aquaculture of marine ornamentals has begun to emerge as a viable commercial alternative for the Pacific region.