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Authors: James Teri, Tim Pickering

Title: Productivity and constraints in tilapia fish and

freshwater prawn aquaculture in Fiji

Source: SPC

Date : January 2009

Keywords: Fresh water aquaculture, productivity, Fiji

Abstract: The pace of development in Fiji freshwater aquaculture has been slower than expected. The main objective of this study was to find out reasons for this, by gathering evidence on farm performance, and on farmers perceptions of problems. Fiji's freshwater focus is currently on tilapia Oreochromis niloticus, and prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii aquaculture. Representative freshwater aquaculture farm case studies were selected, to gather data on actual farm and farmer performance in "real world "conditions. Farmers were also interviewed to assess their perceptions about constraints to progress.

Authors: Cathy Hair, Jacob Wani, Peter Minimulu and Wally Salato.

Title: Improved feeding and stocking density for intensive cage culture of GIFT tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus in Yonki Reservoir.

Source: SPC

Date: January 2009

Keywords: cage culture, GIFT tilapia, Papua New Guinea

Abstract: This study, funded as an ACIAR miniproject. During the project research contributed to improve husbandry techniques, test a new diet, monitor water quality in the cages and use decision-making computer software to examine the economic feasibility of cage farming in Yonki.

Authors: Daniel J. Willett and Benjamin J. Russell.

Title: Building capacity for eel aquaculture in Fiji Islands: Assessing the juvenile Anguillid eel resource in the Navua delta.

Source: SPC

Date: January 2009

Keywords: Eel aquaculture, Fiji Island.

Abstract: Under the auspices of the ACIAR project FIS 2001/075 and in collaboration with the Institute of Marine Studies, University of the South Pacific (USP), a mini-project was established to support research into the potential of eel aquaculture in Fiji Islands.

Authors: Aleluia Taise and Malimali Siolaa

Title: Microalgae culture training for Samoa and Tonga Fisheries staff

Source: SPC

Date: January 2009

Keywords: Microalgae culture, Samoa, tonga

Abstract: Marine microalgae are the basic source of important nutrients essential for larval development for almost all marine invertebrates; Staffs from both Tonga and Samoa were trained in Cairns (NFC) on how to produce marine microalgae

Authors: Salote Waqairatu and Dr. Timothy Pickering.

Title: Confirmatory testing of the viral status of Penaeus monodon (Black Tiger shrimp) populations in the Fiji Islands

Source: SPC

Date: January 2009

Keywords: Aquatic pathology, shrimp, Fiji

Abstract: The objective of this study is to explore the possibilities of culturing P. monodon in Fiji by first determining the viral disease status of local P. monodon wild broodstock.

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