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Authors: Steve Purcell, Cathy Hair and Michael Tekanene.

Title: Experimental release and monitoring of cultures juvenile white teatfish (Holothuria fuscogilva) in Kiribati

Source: SPC

Date : January 2009

Keywords: white teatfish, Kiribati

Abstract: Depletion of white teatfish, Holothuria fuscogilva is of concern to the Kiribati Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources Development (MFMRD) as it is a high value sea cucumber species and is heavily fished by local fishing companies. The objective of this study is to investigate the potential for restocking white teat fish.

Authors: Margo Deiye, Ricky Star and Lucky Burramen (Nauru Fisheries and Marine Resources Autority) Satya Nandlal (SPC).

Title: Eradication of Mozambique tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus), restocking of Nile tilapia (O. niloticus) and improved aquaculture pond management in Nauru

Source: SPC

Date: January 2009

Keywords: Mozambique tilapia, Nile tilapia, Nauru

Abstract: The objectives of this study were to develop and trial protocols for eradication of unwanted fishes, primarily O. mossambicus, in two derelict freshwater ponds; evaluate growth and production of O. niloticus stocked into ponds; improve capacity of farmers and government aquaculture staffs in pond restoration, restocking, feed production and fish husbandry skills.

Authors: Tauvae Sua'a, Satya Nandlal and Cathy Hair

Title: Experimental stocking and community management of tilapia in Lake Satoalepai, Samoa

Source: SPC

Date: January 2009

Keywords: tilapia, Lake Satoalepai, Samoa

Abstract: The major objectives of the project were to evaluate growth performance and survival of stocked O. niloticus in Lake Satoalepai, conduct village consultations to develop a comanagement regime for the tilapia restocking program; and conduct training to improve skills of SFD staff in skills for tilapia restocking including hatchery operations, fingerling grow out and transport.

Authors: Ian Hawes and Cletus Pita Oengpepa

Title: Village Scale Sponge Aquaculture in the Solomon Islands

Source: SPC

Date: January 2009

Keywords: Sponge aquaculture, Solomon Islands

Abstract: This report describes progress in this ACIAR Mini-project funded through the larger ACIAR Project Sustainable aquaculture development in the Pacific Islands region and northern Australia designed to address technical issues regarding village culture of bath sponges in Solomon Islands.

Authors: Salote Waqairatu and Dr. Timothy Pickering.

Title: Confirmatory testing of the viral status of Penaeus monodon (Black Tiger shrimp) populations in the Fiji Islands

Source: SPC

Date: January 2009

Keywords: Aquatic pathology, shrimp, Fiji

Abstract: The objective of this study is to explore the possibilities of culturing P. monodon in Fiji by first determining the viral disease status of local P. monodon wild broodstock.

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