Details for Capture-based Aquaculture of Milkfish Chanos Chanos in the Pacific Islands
NameCapture-based Aquaculture of Milkfish Chanos Chanos in the Pacific Islands

Authors: Tim Pickering, Hideyuki Tanaka and Alifereti Senikau

Title: Capture-based Aquaculture of Milkfish Chanos chanos in the Pacific Islands 

Source: SPC, JICA, Fiji Ministry of Fisheries and Forests  

Date: 7 to 14 February 2012

Keywords: Aquaculture, Management, Oceania, Milkfish

Abstract: The hosting of regional participants, representing ten countries from around the Pacific in the remote village of Vitawa, for the first ever Milkfish Farming Workshop to be held in Fiji, marks a milestone achievement. 

The broad aim of this Workshop was to provide participatory learning opportunities in practical techniques for low-cost aquaculture of milkfish Chanos chanos (yawa in Fijian) by people who are currently, or will soon be, engaged in low-cost milkfish farming projects in the Pacific. 

The specific objectives were to:

1.     understand the background of the Vitawa Pilot Project

2.     know about Milkfish biology 

3.     learn how to produce Milkfish

4.     learn lessons about community based fish farming
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