Details for Samoa Aquaculture Management and Development Plan 2013-2018
NameSamoa Aquaculture Management and Development Plan 2013-2018
DescriptionSamao Aquaculture Management and Development Plan

Authors: Samoa Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, and SPC

Title: Samoa Aquaculture Management and Development Plan – 2013 – 2018

Source: SPC

Date: 2012

Keywords: Samoa, Aquaculture, Management, Development Plan

Abstract: Samoa’s diverse aquatic flora and fauna resources are readily available from its surrounding coastal environment. Most form the basis of the country’s local subsistence, artisanal and commercial fisheries. The inshore fishery resources, in particular, are vital as food and income for the rural fishing communities. Although enterprise-led commercial aquaculture has not yet taken root in Samoa, aquaculture is widely recognised as a viable means of increasing fisheries production, as additional protein for the local population and as a means of generating income.

The Strategy for Development of Samoa (SDS) recognises the potential role of aquaculture, and specifies that one of the activities is to ‘increase the harvestable stocks of fish and other marine resources’ by developing ‘fish farming to supplement natural stocks’. Aquaculture has already contributed to improvement of Samoa’s resource status, through re-introduction and re-stocking of giant clam and trochus.


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