Details for Tilapia in Lake Satoalepai, Samoa
NameTilapia in Lake Satoalepai, Samoa

Authors: Tauvae Sua'a, Satya Nandlal and Cathy Hair

Title: Experimental stocking and community management of tilapia in Lake Satoalepai, Samoa

Source: SPC

Date: January 2009

Keywords: tilapia, Lake Satoalepai, Samoa

Abstract: The major objectives of the project were to evaluate growth performance and survival of stocked O. niloticus in Lake Satoalepai, conduct village consultations to develop a comanagement regime for the tilapia restocking program; and conduct training to improve skills of SFD staff in skills for tilapia restocking including hatchery operations, fingerling grow out and transport.

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