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ID: 26
Subject: SPC PACIFIC-ASIA MARINE FISH MARICULTURE TECHNICAL WORKSHOP: “Farming Marine Fishes for our Future”, 5th – 7th December 2007, New Caledonia
Market type: Conference
Date of submission: 2009-10-14
Commodity: Food fish
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Body: This workshop will be a technical consultation between marine fish aquaculture experts and SPC member countries that are active in marine fish aquaculture. The goal of this workshop will be to provide SPC with advice on the most feasible options for marine fish aquaculture and identify a regional framework for collaboration to address priority research and development needs in the Pacific. The workshop objectives are to: o Provide an update on status of marine fish farming within selected Pacific Islands; o Assess global trends of the industry in terms of production and markets; o Consider niche opportunities for the Pacific region, for example in terms of export and domestic markets, capture based aquaculture and alleviation of food security; o Identify priorities for research, development and training requirements; -Develop project concepts to address industry bottlenecks o Establish programs for further regional and inter-regional collaboration; -Identify key networks, facilities and contacts
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