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ID: 48
Subject: Hands on Training on Production of High Quality Tilapi Fry and Table Fish
Market type: Training
Date of submission: 2013-08-02
Commodity: Tilapia
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Body: The goal of this workshop is to build national capacity to breed and rear tilapia fish efficiently in large numbers to supply fish farmers for pond grow-out. The workshop also covers pond grow-out techniques, placing an emphasis on modern Asian methods of mono-sex (all-male) culture. Other skills that will be imparted include feed-making, farm design and lay-out, and post-harvest techniques. The course aims to build both technical knowledge and business planning skills in tilapia aquaculture. There will be opportunity for participants to develop draft business plans for their own farm scenarios
Attachment: 13-22 -Training On Production of High Quality Tilapia.pdf
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