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ID: 49
Subject: SPC AQUACULTURE EXPERT CONSULTATION: Aquaponics for the Pacific islands region: review of opportunities and constraints.
Market type: Research & Development
Date of submission: 2013-08-02
Commodity: Other Commodities
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Body: SPC will be hosting an expert consultation on Aquaponics which will be held in Rarotonga, Cook Islands, from 23-27 September 2013 Aquaponics is an emerging new production system that combines aquaculture of freshwater fish with hydroponics of vegetables and herbs. This brings theoretical advantages; chiefly that the wastes of fish culture are used as the main source of nutrients for plants, and water emerging from the plant grow-beds becomes treated to a state where it can be re-used by the fish. This re-cycling of both nutrients and water, and the intensive nature of the culture system, make them greatly economical in terms of nutrients, water and land area. The workshop will be a technical consultation between representatives from SPC countries where information about aquaponics in an islands context is in-demand, and resource persons from private sector, educational and development agencies with competencies in aquaponics. The goal of the workshop will be to scope out the key issues and develop strategies for aquaponics development in the Pacific islands region, which will contribute towards improved nutrition, food security and livelihoods.
Attachment: 13-18 - SPC AQUACULTURE EXPERT CONSULTATION- Aquaponics .pdf
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