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ID: 50
Subject: Training Workshop on Aquaculture Policy Frameworks in the Pacific Region
Market type: Research & Development
Date of submission: 2013-08-02
Commodity: Other Commodities
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Body: There is a notable absence of specific aquaculture policies at both regional and national levels in the Pacific region. Much of aquaculture policy-making is embedded in wider fisheries sectorial planning and is often production-focused, rather than providing a platform for sustainable aquaculture development. The purpose of this study is to assess the adequacy of aquaculture policy frameworks of Pacific ACP states with a view to developing an enabling environment for the sustainable development of aquaculture in the Pacific region. This will be achieved through a new review of national and regional aquaculture policies in the ACP Pacific states, followed by the preparation of guidelines and training material. The consultancy will culminate with a stakeholder validation and training workshop to both ensure that the guidelines are robust, as well as to build a basic capacity in aquaculture policy planning in the participants. A main output of this work will be the guidelines for developing national aquaculture policies. These are currently under preparation and a draft copy will be made available to participants around a month before the workshop commences. The study is being funded by the European Union via the ACP Fish II Programme and the work is being undertaken by PBLH International Consulting SPRL.
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