Research & Development
  • Corals

    coral-fiji_sSeveral companies produce corals in Fiji for the ornamental trade.

    Walt Smith Ltd. . has developed protocol in culturing various species of staghorn corals (Acropora sp.).

    Most of the cuttings are grown out on concrete bases placed on culture tables in the lagoon and are ready for export when they are around six month old. Soft corals such as leathers (Sarcophyton sp.) are also being cultured by some aquarium companies.

    Some local villagers are also being encouraged to farm coral and the Fijian aquarium companies buys them back and market them on the ornamental trade.

    Live rock is also being cultured by Walt Smith Ltd. Artificial concrete rocks are paced on the reef and harvested 12 month later when they have been colonized by coralline algae and other reef organisms.