Research & Development
  • Seaweed
    seaweed_b1Eucheuma seaweed farming in Fiji has been rejuvenated by a government program. Marketing and export is being done through a private company.

    Seaweeds are a part of the Pacific diet. Species commonly utilised in Fiji include sea grapes (Caulerpa racemosa), lumi wawa (Gracilaria maramae) and lumi cevata (Hypnea pannosa). These have been identified to have potential as gelling phycolloid, agar or carrageenan.

    Three species in Fiji, G. maramae, G. edulis, and G. arcuata have aquaculture potential for agar production. Cultivation techniques are simple but market and price have yet to be established. Other seaweeds such as G. racemosa and Meristotheca procumbens (a red alga) have markets in Japan but are highly perishable and difficult to cultivate.