Research & Development
  • Larval Fish

    TFT_sLarval reef species collection has been studied in French Polynesia since 1990 by the centre of CRIOBE-EPHE of Moorea. By 1995, a collaboration program between SPE, EPHE and private farms has demonstrated the feasibility of collecting, transporting, sorting and rearing.

    Technical and economical studies have been made on sites, types of collectors, stock enhancement, etc.

    Larval fish Cycle (click here to view a document produced in French Polynesia)

    Larvae at colonisation

    Fish Fry D 60

    Juvenile D 90

    Adult Iriaoe (Z. veliferum)





    A new guide will be edited by the end of 2006 with the support of CRISP. This is the result of R&D work made mostly by Polynesian students of SPE in collaboration with EPHE.

    These techniques are able to develop three sectors of activities :

    - ornamental trade

    - stock enhancement and/or management of ecotourism areas

    - aquaculture

    Now, two farms develop this activity in Rangiroa (Tropical Fish Tahiti) and Bora Bora (BoraEcoFish).