Research & Development
  • Milkfish   

    Milkfish farming was once a traditionally significant practice on Nauru. This activity stopped after introduced tilapia became a pest.

    The Nauru government is investigating methods to rejuvenate milkfish farming. Milkfish farming trials using synthetic liners or concrete ponds are being undertaken and this has not progressed beyond research.

    There are plans to rehabilitate Buada lagoon and other pond areas to restore the traditional practice of ownership for milkfish farming purposes. This has been driven through the non-government organisation, known as Buada Lagoon Owner’s Association (BLOA). BLOA has been farming the milkfish and tilapia together and has proved it is successful in Buada Lagoon. However one of the constraints for BLOA is the regular supply of milkfish frys to restock the lagoon after harvest. Respectively, the Nauru Aquaculture Association (NAQUA) has been given the task to identify and assist existing pond owners interested in developing their ponds in both milkfish and tilapia farming.

    Currently the (ROC) Taiwan Technical Mission is developing and farming milkfish and other species. One of the aims of this mission is to conduct training in the community however not much activity has been undertaken yet.