Research & Development
  • Milkfish

    In 1986 the Government of the Cook Islands proposed to UNDP to fund a US$50,000 feasibility study. It resulted in the FAO Aquaculture Development Project funding in September 1987 for milkfish. In 1989 UNDP funded Volunteer Mr. Toshio Miharu for 2years (Nov. 1989-Oct 1991). The term of reference is for Milkfish fry collection, intermediate culture of fry, and release and monitoring growth of fry inside the roto. With the eventual local consumption of milkfish a goal.

    Milkfish project in Mitiaro began in November1989. In Mitiaro, Rotonui Lake, Milkfish are unable to breed naturally in the Roto. No milkfish were found in the coastal areas of Mitiaro (trial Toshio Miharu UN Volunteer Nov 1989-Apr 1991). In Nov 1990 approximately 4,000 fry were introduced from Manihiki and Penrhyn. It was an expensive exercise ($2,000). It was proposed that fry from Aitutaki be sent, but council prohibited the transplant.

    Spawning sites areas includes the islands of Penrhyn, Manihiki and Rakahanga. Arrangement has been made for the supply of frye for pond farming for Rarotonga and Mitiaro.