Research & Development
  • Tilapia       

    png_erap_b1Erap Research and Development Centre is developing a tilapia research programs to trial different feed formulations and integrated farming systems with prawn culture. It is planning to establish a tilapia hatchery targetting the GIFT strain.

    The Highlands Aquaculture Development Center (HAQDEC), activities include fingerling production; fish feed development and pond fertilisation for GIFT tilapia.

    Growth trials are being investigated in the cage culture of GIFT tilapia in the Yonki Lake. The lake is a man made reservoir about 1,000 hectares at 1,200m altitude.

    Mainland Holdings Ltd is investigatin integrating tilapia fish farming with its current operations. Facilities for this integration have been established. Mono-sex (male) culture of GIFT tilapia is preferred with further research and development expected in the future. Tilapia eggs imported from Luzon University, Philippines will be utilised in Mainland's operations.