Research & Development
  • Pearl Oyster

    The Government under MMR recognised the important of the Pearl industry, where it has established a new division solely focussed on the Pearl Industry.

    A Pearl authority has been re-established to cater and focussed on the immediate issues surrounding the Pearl Industry as a whole:

    - The platform for the islands communities of the northern group to grow and prosper,

    - A catalyst to further grow the national economy

    - Research and Development Program- Lagoon Monitoring

    - Monitoring Buoy

    - Pearl shell Census- Pathology

    - Seeding & Grading Training- Testing in Raro Lab

    - A pearl geological information system (GIS) is being implemented on Manihiki atoll with assistance from SOPAC. The GIS inmanihiki_gis_b1cludes multi-beam swath mapping data of the lagoon bathymetry. The lagoon is overlaid with GPS boundaries of pearl farms.

    - Water Quality Program

    There is also an IKONOS satellite imagery layer. The information on pearl farms is recorded in a database.